Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Love Real and True

Somewhere along the way I found love.
But it didn’t happen the way I thought it would.
It was quite different from my dreams—
Wasn’t always so nice and pretty.
It was quite different from my fantasies—
Was sometimes better than I could ever imagine.
Was not always what I expected.
In love, if you just have to have expectations—
     expect the unexpected.

In my experiences with love and relationships,
I realized—
That love doesn’t always happen or arrive the way
     you want it to
     Or the way you dreamed it to.
Love comes in the way you need it most.
And you may not realize it,
You’re often blind to this mystical, magical thing.
And maybe that’s why I was afraid.
Maybe that’s why I was scared and ran away—
Because it didn’t come in the “right” package,
Because it didn’t meet all of my requirements
     On “the list”.

But once you get past want and arrive at need—
It’s like a new world.
You feel complete.
You are fulfilled in ways never known before.
You desire nothing more,
Because you got a love that’s real and true.

© BuddahDesmond

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