Friday, March 21, 2008

No Shade But....

  1. With all due respect, I love Beyonce (sometimes) like the next fan. But I honestly don't see the sense in her being casted as Etta James in the upcoming movie Cadillac Records. Unless she's really been working on her acting chops, it will be hard to suspend disbelief. I think this role would've been perfect for Jill Scott (or someone whose talents are similarly as vast), especially coming off of her role in Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married?
  2. There's really no disputing Aretha Franklin's talents (she is the Queen of Soul - or just "The Queen" period after her divatude at the Grammy's - I am not going there today!). But she needs an intervention. Someone needs to put her on blast for the fashion faux pas she commits on a regular basis. She gives the big girls a bad name. And there really is no excuse for someone of her caliber (and size) to be presenting herself the way she does. Style makeover - PLEASE!!!
  3. Maybe it's just be me but - I'm not sure if I like Mariah Carey's new song "Touch My Body". It's stylistically bland to me. Anyone could've pulled it off. It was a safe choice for a first single. Too safe in my eyes. Yeah, it probably will be her 18th number one single but it certainly won't go down as one of her all-time best songs.
  4. Are people really so stupid that Rihanna had to ban umbrellas at her concerts? Yes, they really are. So what if her biggest single to date is entitled "Umbrella". Why on earth would you pull out an umbrella in a concert hall and try to emulate the choreography in an area where others are standing/sitting? Totally CLUELESS!!!
  5. Paula Abdul's video for "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" looks like a rehash of all of her hit videos from the late 80s and early 90s. I wasn't impressed. Maybe she'll wow me with her comeback album this summer.... Anyway....
  6. If I never hear another Justin Timberlake song again, I'd be fine. I'm like Fantasia, "I'm tired, tired, tired!!!" NEXT! Critics are already praising the first single Timberlake co-produced and co-penned with Timbaland for Madonna "4 Minutes". Even if the song is whack, radio is going to play it like it's the best thing since bread piping hot from the oven.
  7. If Alicia Keys is going to continue to sing the way she does on As I Am and the way she has during recent performances, she's going to need to take extra care of her voice. She really let loose vocally on the new album. So much so that some people say she's screaming. Maybe she's just really feeling it. Either way, if songs like "No One", "The Thing About Love", and "Where Do We Go From Here" are any indication, Alicia - I'm going to need you to go on vocal rest between shows.
  8. If I see Hillary Clinton switch moods the way she did at several events and press conferences before the March 4th primaries, I'm going to write her a personal note. If you were to roll that bean footage back, you'd think she was suffering from multiple personality disorder. But I guess if the fear and realization hit that you may not get the nomination (especially if you've been thinking all along that you got in the bag), you'll be acting crazy too. She could honestly get it - but the swift mood swings, temper tantrums, and multiple personalities aren't helping her case.
  9. And what is really good with contract employees from the State Department snooping through Barack Obama's passport files? What exactly were they trying to prove? This is proof, yet again, that they (and we all know who "they" are) will do any and everything they can to discredit Obama so he won't get the nomination. Let's read through the bullshit people.
  10. Gas was somewhere around $1.40/gallon when Bush and Cheney first took office. Now, with gas averaging $4.00/gallon nationally, do you honestly think Bush and Cheney are going to do anything to change it? With their oil industry ties, they're probably laughing to themselves and saying, "Mission accomplished!"
  11. Being as though it is an election year, the issue of accountability needs to be brought up. There's lots of excitement, frustration, and discussion about this election because of it's historical implications. Politicians are known for saying whatever they can to get into office. They are often held in a certain regard due to their history, experience, and platform. But very few back their words with action. So people, please remember after the big day, to hold whoever inherits this mess (I mean opportunity) accountable for the things they said they would do once they got in office. Hold yourself accountable for who you vote for and hold the elected official(s) accountable for their words, actions, and deeds after they get in office.
  12. What is it with mofos asking you for money in the grocery store for food and rides? "All I have is $56 in food stamps and I've been trying to get home since yesterday. Could you give me some money to get home?" Really? You mean to tell me you've been in the grocery store/shopping center since yesterday trying to get home. How did you get here? Hell no, I don't have any money to give you. Or, "We don't get our check until tomorrow. We only have this much in food stamps. Could you buy some of this for us and we can reimburse you?" Are you kidding? Hell no. I mean really. People are BOLD. What do you think this is - Bank of America?! Don't paint me as a selfish prick who's unwilling to help those in need. I do help people out when it's reasonable/feasible. And sometimes I've done it only to be taken advantage of or adversely impacted afterwards. But in either of these situations, I was NOT going to comply.
  13. What is it with impatient drivers? In a hurry to go nowhere but to a red light. They act like they're the only ones driving and they're the only ones who have someplace to go. If you're in so much of a hurry your ass should've left earlier (or on time). And don't be a pedestrian trying to cross in the crosswalk. It's your time to cross - you have the right-of-way. And cars are steadily coming. Then some have the audacity to honk their horns or yell expletives out the window. Bitch please. Hit me. I work for an insurance company. I will fuck yo' shit up. But seriously, with the way these drivers are in the DC Metro Area - if you are a pedestrian, they will hit you, act like it's a bump in the road, and keep going. It's so sad.

Well, I think I've ranted enough for the week. I got my raise this week. Time to go enjoy it. Until next time, have a very happy and safe holiday weekend!

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Sunday, March 09, 2008

26 Y.O. + Still Learning

Wow, it's been a while. You turn around and you find it's been three weeks since your last post. Hope everyone out in blogland is cool. I'm good. Just been busy. Been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting. I recently turned 26 (on February 15th). It was truly one of the best b-day's ever. I was taken out to lunch, had a surprise b-day celebration, and hung out with some friends at a cool bar & lounge in DC. I was tore up (and I mean tore up) for the first time in my life. I had a good time though (and that's all that matters). The tickets for the MJB and Jay-Z concert also went on sale on my b-day. One of my friends luckily scored some the same day and I'll be tagging along. I've never seen either artist live so I'm really excited about it.

Though I'm a year older, I still feel the same. I don't have any qualms or issues with growing older. I embrace it. Seeing those numbers change each year is a blessing. Just being able to get up each day makes me happy. It's as simple as that. Family, friends, good health, job, a home, food, clothes, etc. all make it that much sweeter. At 26, I know there's still more to learn. I'm a student--in this life, for this life--for life. Still so many places to go, so many things to do, so many people to meet. Wherever the journey takes me--that's where I'll be.

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More to come later. Until then.... Peace & Many Blessings!!!

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