Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics - Week 7

Here's the latest weekly musings:
  1. Not sure there's a harder sell than making others believe in something when you don't believe in it yourself. Persuasion/buy-in often fails without conviction, confidence, and universal appeal.

  2. The more you accumulate in this life, the harder you're going to have to work to maintain it.  So many of us are out here living lives we don't want to live and working ourselves into an early dirt nap each day just to maintain things we don't need. When our world suddenly changes and all these "things" we've accumulated go to the waysides, then what? "Things" don't make us. But they will break us if we place more value in them than living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

  3. There's something about the simple life that becomes more and more appealing the older I get. I'm striving for it. A simple life doesn't mean a boring life. It means living within your means. It means striving for a stress-free/drama-free life. It means living to truly love yourself and not looking for value and esteem in superficial and materialistic things. The simple life means being happy and content. It means counting on your joy through it all and having success on your own terms. The simple life means balance.

  4. Change is inevitable. There's nothing any of us can do to stop change. We may be able to place roadblocks in its way or try to prolong the shelf-life of the traditional ways of yesteryear. But change will eventually take shape and form just the way destiny intended. Governing bodies, institutions, organizations and people have all been forced to change with the times. Our modern world is no different. Embrace it!

  5. Maybe some, not all, of us forget that celebrities and public officials are human too. They're everyday people with more high-profile occupations. Putting the obvious differences aside, they have the same basic needs as us and often experience the same things we do. (Don't let the "celebrity life" fool you into thinking otherwise.) So it makes no sense that we put them on pedestals so high even they can't compete with themselves. And then we want to shame, blaspheme, and condemn them when they do things that we don't agree with. Our society gets kicks out of building people up and tearing them down. Just think about how it would feel if their shoes were on our feet.

  6. I imagine if love were a tangible commodity that it would sell out each time it hit the shelves. Marketing campaigns would be out of this world. Businesses would face fierce competition year after year, as the industry and consumers would determine who creates and sells love the best. I figure love as a commodity would always be trendy, never going out of style. Because it's something everybody wants. Sadly, we fail to realize that love is always in our midst.

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