Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly Musings on Life & Personal Empowerment - Week 2

This week's musings are deal with life, and personal empowerment in particular.  It's so easy to lose self, especially when there's a lot at stake.  Have to remain grounded.  Have to know that who you are and what you bring to the table is enough.  If ever not, it's time to go to another table. 
  1. You can plan your life all you want.  But you’d be a fool to think that everything in this life will always go as planned.  You know that you’re truly living when you can get through the parts of life that were not part of “the plan.”

  2.  For one who’s lived a life where all they’ve ever heard was “yes,” the true test of their character comes after hearing their first “no.”

  3. The less time you spend worrying about what’s wrong with others and how to change them, the more time you can devote to working on and changing yourself.  The power lies in changing you first and foremost.  Work to make a better you.

  4. Talk, especially when coming from people in positions of power, is nothing without meaning, purpose, and action.  Yes, it may sound good.  Yes, it may be full of passion and promise.  But without the substance of planning and actual work, talk fails on all the things that matter.

  5. Always look to the things that bring you joy and lift your spirit.  You’ll find comfort, motivation, inspiration, and reassurance in them during times of doubt, confusion, disappointment, need, and loss.

  6. When you’ve given or done your best—and you know that you have—there’s really nothing more anyone can ask of you.

  7. We all have to make choices and compromises in this life.  But dimming your light or changing yourself for the sake of others should never be one of them. Stand proudly and firmly in your light.  Your light is what makes you unique.

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