Thursday, September 27, 2012

101 Days Project: Black Music Month

Image courtesy of Cafe Mocha Radio.

 On June 7, 1979, President Jimmy Carter officially designated June as Black Music Month.  Black Music Month is a time to acknowledge the vast contributions and achievements of black singers, songwriters, producers, musicians, and executives in the music industry.  Music would have a completely different feel if it were not for the ingenious artistry, undeniable talent, fiery passion, and stone cold soul of many of the most influential and inspirational black figures to ever grace the airwaves, TV, silver screen, or stage.

For the first time on BuddahDesmond's Place, I celebrated Black Music Month by honoring artists ranging from newcomers to legends.  Some of the artists featured, like Adriana Evans, Conya Doss, Teedra Moses, and Eric Roberson, are stellar underground acts with devoted, growing followings that make music that often rivals those of their mainstream counterparts.  At the end of the day, it's about good, real music.  Music that you can feel.  Music that brightens your day.  Music that inspires you.  Music that makes you dance.  Music that motivates, uplifts, and means something.  That's what it's been throughout the history of Black Music.  Let the legacy continue on!

Check out the following artists featured in my Black Music Month series:
  1. (Day 63) BuddahDesmond
  2. (Day 62) Syleena Johnson
  3. (Day 60) Adriana Evans (Redux)
  4. (Day 59) Cassandra Wilson
  5. (Day 58) In Remembrance - MJJ (Repost)
  6. (Day 57) Robert Glasper
  7. (Day 56) Phyllis Hyman
  8. (Day 55) Mint Condition
  9. (Day 54) Conya Doss
  10. (Day 53) Vikter Duplaix
  11. (Day 52) Eric Roberson
  12. (Day 51) Teedra Moses
  13. (Day 50) Meshell Ndegeocello
  14. (Day 49) Lenny Kravitz
  15. (Day 48) Janet Jackson
  16. (Day 47) Chaka Khan

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