Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 12: Poetry Spotlight - Not Anymore

Not Anymore

Taking out the trash.
Getting rid of all the old shit.
Locating all the hidden treasures that squandered
     in the presence of you.

Started over.
Went from lost to found.
Spirit renewedfound a new love,
Not as costly or exhausting as the love I had
     with you.

Got it right this time.
Didn't give way to self-doubt.
No more self-interrogation.
No longer being the criminal to the victim always played
     by you.
I realized when problems in relationships arise,
It's usually not just one party to blameit's two.

I've washed myself clean.
Still have my issues,
But I acknowledge them and make it known.
There's always room for improvement.
But I can be myself.
No need to hide or disguise face, as if I would at heartbreak's
     masquerade ball.
I've been welcomed and accepted completely.
And did I say loved?
Loved like nobody's business.
Loved better than I could ever dream of.
So there's no need
     to look back

(c) 2009 BuddahDesmond

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