Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day 11: Poetry Spotlight - Ain't Worth It

Ain't Worth It

Why get fully vested in something that has yet to prove
     its future's promise?
Why get emotionally involved when you still are unsure
     if he or she has your heart and you have theirs?
What's the sense in crying over it if the tears and your efforts
     won't change a thing?

When substance isn't fully formed,
And the foundation is absent or still weak
It's too much to give your all if you haven't seen a return...
     especially when he or she is fixed, unbending.

When the union can't get beyond shallow matters
Ain't no sense looking for depth.
Cause superficial love ain't love at all.
It's all a facade
A fantasy of what it could but will never be.

If you're looking in others for what you can't do or find in yourself
You're hopeless.
You're only killing timeyours and others
When you drag someone else along and you're not ready
    (or you know they're not ready) for the commitment.
The wise choice:
Go play.
Get it out of your system.
Or stay single until you're ready.
Cause it ain't worth it.

(c) BuddahDesmond
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I love it! I agree with you soo much.

Like you said if you're not ready go play!