Friday, November 13, 2009

If There Were No Song

Hello all! It's been awhile - hasn't it? I didn't mean to be away for so long. But I'm back in school now and my schedule is like who done it and why. I'm in the dual IT/MBA degree program. Though the work hasn't been exceptionally difficult - being up late damn near every night of the work week (and weekend) has been kicking me in the butt. I'm so tired and exhausted I'm delirious. I had three online classes this semester. One was a 6-week class. It seemed like I had more assignments and reading in that class than I had in my regular 12-week classes. I was very happy having successfully completed that class and lightening the load (ever so slightly). My grades have been pretty good thus far. At this point - balance is key. Cause working full-time and going to school part-time and not getting adequate sleep is not going work for the duration. I'll get it together though. I have faith. With change comes adjustments. I'll be fine.

Personally things are fine. My bf moved in officially last month. We've taken the next big step. And we seem to have adjusted quite well to this. We haven't killed each other yet or had any blowout bash arguments. If something pops up or pisses us off - we talk about it right then and there. We get it out in the open and try to resolve it as best as we can. Our open-line of communication is one of the reasons why our relationship is so strong. We talk about everything. And we realize that we need to be on the same page if we want to keep things moving in a positive direction... Oh - how I love him! He's been so good to me. He supports me like no other. He has my back. He respects, appreciates, and accepts me - completely. And he's not afraid to go there with me or put me in place when I go off the deep end. And I lovingly, willingly, graciously, freely do the same thing in return.

As of today, I'll be starting a project that I'll call my "101 Days Project"This project will consist of my musings on various things in my everyday life - be it the workday, home life, music, movies, books, quotes, current events... I may be responding to something I saw, heard, or read. My responses may be take shape in the form of poetry, song lyrics, images, drawings, free writing, you name it. Anything is fair game here. It'll be creative but also be a learning experience for me (and maybe you too). And I figured BuddahDesmond's Rapture is the best repository for the project. Another good thing is my "101 Days Project" will get me into the habit of posting on a regular, daily basis (something I have not quite been able to do since starting this blog a little over 5 years ago). So stayed tuned as the project progresses for the next 101 Days.

Life is music. Simple. Complex. And everything in between. We're players in it. Musicians, singers, writers, producers, and executives. Each day is a song. Each has it's own tempo, theme, mood, depth, feeling, subject matter... Some days we're all singing the same song in unison or different keys. Other days we're singing our own uniquely different tunes. They're colorful. They're bombastic. They're jubilant. They're melancholy. They're all this and so much more. If there were no song - could we live? Could we be? If there were no song - I doubt hardly that we'd exist.

Until next time... Have a great weekend!

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