Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Happy 8th Blogiversary to BuddahDesmond's Place!

BuddahDesmond's Place is now 8 years old!  It's almost hard to believe I've been blogging for nearly 10 years.  I was in undergrad when I first started reading blogs.  But I didn't get serious about creating my own blog until the summer of 2005.  I was inspired by Trent Jackson, Frank Leon Roberts, Clay Cane, Keith Boykin, Frederick Smith, and Rashid Darden (to name a few).  I was taken away by this new medium of expression and the fact that it afforded new ways of sharing ideas and perspectives, fostering creativity, and building community.  At that point I knew I had to give blogging a try.  And that's when my blog, then titled "BuddahDesmond's Rapture," came into fruition.

My blog serves as a symbol of my appreciation for the arts and entertainment.  It's also a place where I share my experiences and commentary on life, love, relationships, politics, and social issues.  As the years progressed, I've always tried to find ways to keep it fresh.  The 101 Days Project; Weekly Musings on Life, Love, and Politics; Influences; Tributes; event reviews and author inspiration posts have continued push the blog into new bounds and challenge my skills as a writer.  It's my mission to keep pushing myself and my platform as much as I can.

I thank you for all of the support over the years.  I hope you've enjoyed reading my blog as much as I've enjoyed creating the posts!  Feel free to check out and comment on some of the posts I've highlighted from the past year in the "Related Posts" section. 

Until next time... Peace, Love, and Many Blessings, BuddahDesmond!

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BuddahDesmond said...

Thanks man! I truly appreciate your support over the years. Enjoy your weekend!

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you are VERY welcome my brother