Friday, January 18, 2013

Weeky Musings on Life, Love, and Politics - Week 8

Greetings all! Here's the latest round of weekly musings:
  1. It's hard having faith in a system that's broken.  Or if not completely broken, a system in need of major rehab.  While there may be people in positions working to fix the system, resistance, backbiting, partisanship, and corruption prevent change from taking shape.  One day... Just maybe one day this won't be the case.

  2. I hope I never get to the point where my personal interests take precedence over all, especially when they are to the detriment of those around me.  Sometimes you need to take a step back and think about the short-term and long-term impact of what you do and the effects it may have on others. 

  3. When only you and those like you are winning, everyone else loses.  We can't win when self-serving and party-serving interests take precedence over the needs and interests of the larger society.  Until we get back to "WE THE PEOPLE," everything will fail.

  4. There's an "unwritten" code or script in life that many of us follow.  Within this code or script lies expectations about the type of life we should live, how and where we get educated, the field of work we go into, who we love/marry, the type of community we live in, etc.  Now there's nothing wrong with following this code/ long as it provides you with the life you truly want.  The big "Oops!" or "WTF!" moment for many of us comes when we realize that following the code/script hasn't fulfilled us (at all).  A gaping, persistent void will figure prominently until we feed our souls what it's been missing and revive the dreams that died on the way to PC, cookie cutter living.

  5. College isn't for everyone.  Marriage isn't for everyone.  Having children or parenting isn't for everyone.  Corporate America isn't for everyone.  Christianity isn't for everyone.  Everything isn't for everybody.  Just because it's working for you doesn't give you the right to force it on to others or expect everyone else to do as you do.  Just live and let be.

  6. Confidence is a light that shines through.  When it's peaking, everyone can see it.  There's a certain assurance and glow about you.  Everyone can see it, feel it when it's dim too.  Oh, the difficulty trying to convince others of anything when you don't have the confidence or belief in yourself. 

  7. You cannot fully embrace/accept the love you need/want or be able to successfully sustain any romantic relationships unless you truly love yourself.  The inability to love yourself makes it virtually impossible to love anyone else (at least in the way they need or deserve to be loved). 

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