Thursday, July 23, 2009

Never Knew

Never knew I could feel this way about someone
I always thought about it
Always dreamed about it
Fantasized about it
Prayed for it
But never knew it would be like this

What I’m feeling far exceeds expectations
It trumps predecessors
It squashes competition
Smashes records
Wins every time
I had a feeling before but it doesn’t equal the real thing

Everything I’ve ever wanted in a man
I’ve found in you
All the wonderful things that dreams are made of
All the qualities to brag about
All the characteristics I find attractively appealing
Intellect and wit that keeps me on my toes
Handsome sexiness that I can’t resist
Tenderness, care and compassion that brings tears to my eyes
With flaws and all you are simply beautiful, inside and out

Never knew I could find everything and more
I always wrote about it
Always sang about it
Talked about it
Wished for it
But it eclipses all that I’ve ever hoped for

Didn’t know it would be like this
It’s better than I expected
And I’m glad to finally have it
I’m glad to be in this place
Glad to have this feeling
So glad to be this in love
And for this, I will continue to express my gratitude

~ BuddahDesmond

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