Friday, June 05, 2009

Sade Returns to the Studio!!!

What wonderful news, ain't it? I was so GLAD to hear that Sade has returned to the studio to begin work on their new album. I CANNOT WAIT!!! It's been 9 years since the release of their last studio album, Lovers Rock, and 7 years since the release of Lovers Live.

Sade never disappoints. Each album is a masterpiece in its own right. Sade's style, voice and lyrics, the band's instrumentation and production - all the elements always seem to come together so well. The music is timeless. It never sounds dated. And that's what sets them apart from so many of their peers.

You know, it doesn't matter how long the wait is for a Sade album. Because the quality always prevails. They take their time to create music. If the feeling isn't right in the studio when they convene to make the next album - they leave and come back another time. It's a method some of their peers need to follow. Unless you got it like that - take your time between releases. There's no need to be in everyone's face every five minutes - especially when the music leaves something to be desired. I'll take quality over quantity anyday.

It's rumored that the record may be out before the end of the year - but we'll see. There's just joy in knowing something good is coming....

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Unknown said...

Talk about a real artist...

D-Place said...

It'll be nice to hear some grownup music again.