Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Janet & The 18 Year Old Daughter Rumors

The media must have nothing better to do than mess with the Jackson clan. Need I say anything more. This time, it's not Michael, it's not Latoya, or Jermaine in the news....It's Janet. Rumors have surfaced yet again about her supposedly having a daughter from a previous marriage. Young DeBarge, 28, recently announced during an interview on the radio that Janet has an 18 year old daughter who's been staying with Rebbie, her oldest sister. Janet was married to one of Young's older brothers, James DeBarge for a hot minute back in the 80s. According to Young, "James and the Jackson family kept everything real close, real tight." Someone please tell me why is this anybody's business all of a sudden?

This is not the first time these rumors have surfaced. I remember these rumors surfacing in the early 90's when LaToya was airing out all of her's family's dirty laundry with her infamous autobiography. (She also acknowledged that Michael had been spending too much time with little boys--but this is another topic altogether.) If Janet and James had a baby and wanted to keep it a secret, it's their business. Now if the supposed daughter is just finding out that Janet and James are her real parents, then this sheds a different light on the situation. I couldn't imagine how detrimental this kind of info would be after living a certain kind of life for 18 years or more. It could rock your world. But it wouldn't be the first time or last time that something like this has happened. Drama like this happens everyday. It would be crazy to think that the Jackson's and the DeBarge's are the only families on this planet keeping secrets. Doesn't make it right, but please let's be realistic.

The supposed daughter is 18. She's grown. Let her and her family deal with this the best way they know how. Damn, can the Jackson's have any kind of peace??!!

And let us not forget that Young DeBarge (who released/rehashed this info) is an aspiring singer who just finished recording an album. Can I say publicity?

Regardless of whether Janet has children or not, I'm still going to buy her next record. So there! And after news like this, shit, it better be good!


Frederick Smith said...

I know. Some people can't leave celebrities alone. They forget that they are human, too, and don't want all their business in the streets.

ShawnQt said...

Who cares, We love JANET, she's like or icon, you know.