Thursday, August 04, 2005

When Hate Kills

In loving tribute to Rashawn Brazell and other victims of heinous crimes

Too young
to be gone so soon,
The promise of life
and all of its joys and pains
taken away from you
By someone with no regard, no respect,
No appreciation
For the preciousness and value of life.
We don’t need a police report or investigation
to prove this was a hate crime.

Your death is an immense loss,
felt by your family, friends,
And by a community that often falls
off the radar when we are the victims of heinous
crimes like these.
But when hate kills, everyone’s
radar should be made aware.
Those so quick to shake it off
as insignificant or justified,
Or those that think events as such have
absolutely nothing to do with them,
have another thing coming.

When hate kills,
it’s not a black versus white issue.
When hate kills,
it’s not a gay versus straight issue.
When hate kills,
it’s not an us versus them issue.
When hate kills,
it’s not a Christian versus Muslim versus Jewish issue.
The effects impact all of us.
Hate serves to disrupt and divide our communities
By trying to eliminate the ties that bind
us together.
But our interconnectedness should
not let hate win.
In times like these it should help in
uniting us in love, understanding,
acceptance, and respect,
Because the remedy is love,
The remedy is understanding,
The remedy is acceptance,
The remedy is respect.
The remedy lies within us,
For the remedy is us.
We will be the ones who
Determine whether hate prevails or falters.
For when hate no longer kills,
We all will be in a much happier,
Better, safer place.

Hate may have taken you physically away,
But your spirit continues to go on freely,
Inspiring, uplifting,
And living within each and every one of us.
We honor you and your existence
By standing here now,
By coming together now
To raise awareness
And to combat the forces
that try to pit us against each other.
Hate must not win;
Humanity must not be disregarded.
Love must reign,
And life cannot be taken lightly

© 2012 BuddahDesmond

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