Monday, October 25, 2010

Day 31: On A Mission

I doubt there will ever come a time when we will like everything and everybody in this universe.  We're fickle, finicky, and at times very adamant about what we like (and don't like).  And other times, we can be downright nasty about it.  Shady too.  Knowing this - why would we ever strive to to please everybody?  We need to please ourselves first and foremost.  Maybe we'd stand a better chance at achieving the things we're so passionate about.  Maybe then we'd be on a mission that nothing and no one could abolish.  That's when you know it's deep.  That's when you know it's meant for you.  That's when people can say or do anything but won't break your faith, determination, or steadfast nature.  When you're on a mission to please you (and The Creator) nothing will stop you.

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