Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 40 - Just Jill: Words & Sounds Live

Recently had the opportunity to catch Jill Scott live as part of her Summer Block Party tour. And what an amazing experience it was. Still think and dream about it to this day. So I wrote this poem as an ode to her magnificence.

Just Jill: Words & Sounds Live

There's something about Jill
Natural beauty and wonder,
Talent that seems limitless,
Has a heart and soul so deep, so pure that it boggles one's capacity
     to understand.
She gets you as soon as she makes her appearance
Immediately captured.
She's a musical wizard,
Who casts her spell within the first few notes.
The studio is great,
But there's nothing like the real thing live.

Jill's larger than life spirit commands the stage.
Head held high, never down;
Always standing in high-esteem like a regal Goddess,
Like the Queen that she is.
Undeniable authenticity,
And a familiarity that makes you feel as if you're in the good hands of a
     loved one.
Jill's better than your best friend
     she's family.
So real, so genuine, so true;
She goes places very few dare to go on and off the stage.
Saying all things we'd like to say so beautifully, so eloquently
She's not afraid to go there.
She's fearless.
She's wide open to the point of being selfless.
That's why we relate;
That's why weyour core fansjust can't let anything get in the way of 
     what we're feeling when it comes to you.

Jill takes us on a journeyone we'll always wish could last a little while
The ride is an indelible experience
One we'd relive any chance we get.
Because Jill's the whole package;
Never needing to depend on the pyrotechnics to put on a great show
She's golden like that,
She's divinely touched,
And we are so grateful that we can experience the blessings.

Whatever it is, whatever it is;
Let it be, let it be.
Let us PLEASE let Jill Scott be!

© BuddahDesmond

Day 39: OUT (Written in Honor of National Coming Out Day)

In honor of National Coming Out Day, here's a piece that I wrote entitled "OUT."

Nothing worse than being silenced, especially in an environment where your voice has a rightful place to be loud and heard.
Nothing worse than living in fear because you don't know how family, friends, community or the larger society will deal with the "real" you.
Nothing worse than living a lie because you succumbed to complacency and conformity of cultural or societal norms.
Nothing is worse than hiding from everything and everyone (including yourself) because you've been led to believe that you are less than or simply not worthy.
It's bullshit.

Nothing should come before you, your authenticity, or your well-being.
You were made divinely and with a purpose regardless of what mortal beings may tell you.
So honor yourself.
Not just today but everyday.
Because nothing is better than being free.
Nothing is better than being your whole, true self.
Nothing is better than loving yourself.
Nothing is better than love.

(c) BuddahDesmond