Monday, June 25, 2007

Back to the Middle

It's me again.... I'm back after what seems like ages. Like TV..... It seems like I go through more mid-season replacements than ABC. I can't make any promises the next time, cause who knows what will happen in this show called "Buddah's Life." I can say that life has been exciting these last several weeks. Exciting, entertaining, depressing, scary, emotional, extraordinary.... You get the picture. I attended and volunteered at DC Black Pride (my first time doing either and I had a great time), went to a special screening of the DL Chronicles (acted, written, and directed very well), attended a conference in Austin, TX (met some really nice people while roasting alive in that Texas heat), and had a very brief rendezvous with someone I'll call QD. For anyone who's been reading over the past few months, you're probably wondering - well isn't Buddah in a long-distance relationship with DP? Are they still together? Did Buddah cheat on DP? Well, yes, yes, and no.

We're still together. As much as we've been trying to make it work, it hasn't been easy. We were doing fine but the distance has been taking its toll on the relationship. (15 months and counting, 5000+ miles away, 5-6 hour time difference depending on the time of year--you get it the picture?) I don't care but after a certain period of time - talking on the phone isn't enough. You need something a little more substantial. At a certain point, we started talking about having our cake and eating it too while we're away from each other. DP said that because of our situation he wouldn't feel bad if I had my fun on the side as long as I told what I was doing and when. He said he wouldn't be mad as long as I was honest with him. I found this hard to believe. In the back of my mind I knew this was a big test. Well as I hinted earlier, something did happen (with QD). Wasn't planned or expected (and damn if it wasn't GOOD!!!). Guess I failed the test, huh? Oh well..... So I told DP about it and, as I had expected, he flipped. We fussed, fought, and argued and things just haven't been right since. I'm like Faith Evans (without the coke) trying to figure out where we stand.

Will we come to our senses and get it together? Will we take a break until we're at least back in the same state? Or will we be like that famous jazz standard and call the whole thing off? Stay tuned for this is an episode in "Buddah's Life" with multiple parts. Until next time, don't be as wild and crazy as I've been. Second thought, be wild and crazy. Just try to get back to the middle. As a very dear friend told me, this is your time. It's time to do for you. Do what makes you happy. Don't let anyone steal your shine!

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SistaSocialite said...

Long Distance relationships are HARD... good luck! Great read