Sunday, May 06, 2007

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Well it looks like I'm on the one post a month plan. I really wish I could post on a (semi-) regular basis but with all that's going on (and with my ADD-LOL!) it's difficult. There's always hope for the future. So how have I been? Ok, I guess. Busy as usual. Seems like I'm always playing catch up.

Work is good. Duties are increasing. I've been doing a lot of planning and preparation for the next round of user testing. It looks like we'll be staying put for this and the other testing projects in the queue. If we do any traveling it'll probably be sometime this summer (or early fall). In June I will be going to a conference in Austin, TX though. It'll be my first time going to TX. I'm excited. This will be yet another great networking opportunity in a great location. I can hardly wait. I'll be sure to pack comfortable clothes since it will more than likely be HOT.

Family life has been eventful to say the least. For the last several months, several of members of my family have been ill. Some in and out the hospital. My mother recently finished with chemotherapy and after being out for six months, will be returning to work soon. My grandfather was in the hospital for heart and kidney problems. My grandmother just got out of the hospital this weekend for heart issues. And I just got word today that my great-grandfather is in the hospital for what may have been a stroke. (And my other grandmother was in and out of hospital due to illness as well). As my grandmother said earlier today, "When it rains-it pours." All we can do is hope and pray that all will be well. Whatever The Creator deems necessary is what will be.

I'll be taking some vacation days around Memorial Day weekend (finally). Though I'll be staying the DC area, I'll be attending and volunteering at some of the DC Black Pride events. This will be my first attending (and volunteering) at a Pride. I have absolutely no idea what to expect. I just know that I better behave myself since I'm already spoken for (LOL!). If nothing else, I'll have some fun and meet some new people.

I've also been trying to get reacquainted with the DC area. So much has changed since I was away at school. What used to be so familiar has become quite unfamiliar to me. It would probably be a little easier to navigate if I had as many friends here as I did when I was at school. It seems like I had to start all over again in the social department of my life. I'm not sure that I'm like this aspect too much right now.... But I guess I just have to keep rolling with the punches. Maybe the social butterfly will have returned by summer.

DP and I have seem to be having quite a few disagreements too. We've said some things too each that we didn't mean to say. You know how that goes. I know I've been more hot-tempered than usual. I think it's due to us being away from each other for so long. This long distance thing is killing me. I'm beginning to see why long distance relationships don't last and why people avoid them at all costs. Long distance relationships are hard work. It's so hard, so very hard. It's so easy when you have easy access to each other (when you live in the same city or at least in the same state). But when you're thousands of miles apart it's rough. When you really need or want each other you can't be together. And that's probably the hardest part of it all. Sure you've got phones, emails, IMs, text messages, videos, and pictures. It's not the same and it will never add up to the real thing. In the same breath, I guess it's better than nothing. We haven't killed each other or broken up. These trials will only make our relationship and us that much stronger..... As I continue to yearn for DP's love and anticipate the next moment we'll share together....

Check out my reviews at Pictures and Frames Magazine. Until next time, peace, love, and many blessings! Be safe!

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