Friday, April 06, 2007

Coming Around Again

Hello All! It's been too long. Life is crazy busy right now. I just back from a business trip last night and may be going on two more trips within the next month or so. There are several releases coming up for new applications at work so it looks like I'll be working a little later and traveling more. With the schedule filling up and time not being my own, I ask myself one question.... "When am I taking a vacation?" And the reply, "I have no idea but it better be soon!" I have no idea where (or when) but I hope it's somewhere far from the east coast. I would really love to leave the country.... Maybe go to Paris, London, or Capetown.... But lack of planning (financially and otherwise) puts this temporarily on hold. If I go anywhere it will probably be somewhere within the 48 contiguous United States.

Though work has been busy it's been going very well. We recently had performance appraisals and I found out that I got a raise. My boss told me that he was very happy with the progress I've made. He went on to say that my work has been excellent and that I have exceeded expectations in several areas. And if my progress is any indication, he anticipates event greater things from me in the future. Hearing this made my day! I was very proud (and grateful for the validation).

Aside from work, I've been hanging out with a few people from work and catching up with friends. Despite the various mode of communications we have today, I am finding it increasing harder to stay in touch with folks. Emails, voicemails, text messages, IMs, blogs--it's starting to be a bit overwhelming. There's only so much my attention span can tolerate before experiencing communication (and information) overload!

There's a lot more going on but too much to discuss for this post. Until next time, I hope you have a happy and safe weekend! Peace!

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