Thursday, January 17, 2013

It's Not That Serious (from Prevail)

Mind racing,
Can’t seem to concentrate,
Trying to go to sleep.
But worries keep you awake
Night after night
You’d think one would grow tired,
But other people’s problems

Have you ignoring your own desire.
Get a grip—it’s not that serious.

You’re living for everyone else but yourself,

When you should be concerned with you and no one else,
Steadily letting matters of your concern slide.
As each day passes you keep looking for a place to hide.
It must stop—it’s not that serious.

The drama goes wherever you go
Whatever you do, other people’s problems and issues always seem to follow.
You have yet to realize the power you hold.
You won’t say, “Fuck it!”
And “No!” in your eyes is too bold.
If you’re in the line for people pleasing know that it’s career suicide.
When it’s all said and done
And you’ve got a problem,
People are hard to find.
Then you’re screwed—and that’s serious.

There’s nothing wrong with being kind,
But what about your peace of mind?
It’s a sad tale when you can solve everyone else’s problems but your own.
You’ve got to know when to let go,
Because being tired is enough.
Being tired—from other people and their drama—is beyond too much.
Get it together.
Other people and their issues—they’re not that serious.
You and your well-being—now that’s serious.

© 2012 BuddahDesmond 

Prevail: Poems on Life, Love, and Politics is available at iUniverse, Amazon (Paperback | Hardcover | Kindle), Barnes & Noble, Book-A-Million (Paperback | Hardcover), and other retailers.    

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