Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 43: Closure

I've searched my mind so many times in the last few days
     to find whatever it is that I did to be whited out, erased,
     terminated from the picture.
The search results came back null.
Even when I did boolean, it rendered my time and efforts useless.
I'm still trying to understand how it all got to this point,
     and why everything feels so disjointed.

All I want is a reason
     A real reason.
Aren't I good enough for that?
Aren't I deserving at the very least of that?
Maybe you acted in haste,
     but the actions still remain unchanged.
At least respect me enough to tell me what I did
     that was so wrong 
So I can properly move on,
So I can learn,
So I won't repeat what made me obsolete
     in a world I was led to believe I belonged in.
But as as we know nowwe were both wrong.

For the sake of closurecould you just fill me in?

© BuddahDesmond

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Unknown said...

Closure is SO important.