Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 37: Love & Bills

"Love don't pay the bills!"  How many times have we heard this statement?  If we could cash in every time we heard it, we'd probably have some hefty bank accounts.  While it may be true, shouldn't we be digging a little deeper?  Love is more powerful than money.  More spiritual.  More meaningful.  Money is tangible but does not last forever.  Love is ever-lasting.  Once you've got it--you've got it.  You may not always be in love.  But you will always love and be loved.  That's what makes you rich. 

Whether you're by yourself or in a committed relationship--you'll find a way to pay the bills.  With love on tap, you'll work to find a way.  That's if you want to.  That's if you care.  That's also when faith, loyalty, devotion, and due diligence come into play.  Money can bring you lots of things, but love is not one of them.  And love can bring many things as well...  So much so that you may not realize how truly blessed you are.  Maybe that's what The-Dream was getting at on Love Vs. Money...  Well, one hopes that's what he meant. :-)

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