Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Inherent - A Throwback Poem

What's goin' on folks?! Hope you had a happy, safe holiday weekend. I'm good, or shall I say better. I just got over a two-week illness this past weekend. I had an upper respiratory infection and acute pharyngitis. It was no fun. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. And the antibiotic made me feel worse. I'm sorry but I will never be a fan of medicine that makes you feel worse in order to make you feel better. Can I get a natural remedy instead? LOL! But luckily - all is well. I'm so happy this happened now as opposed to next month when I have to travel for business or during vacation later this summer. Anyway, I've been reviewing some of my poetry for a few upcoming projects. And I thought I'd leave you with a poem I wrote back in 1998 entitled, "Inherent".

Have a wonderful week!


For so long I
Breathed your love
Drank your air
Digested your breath
Tasted your feelings

For so long I
Savored the kiss of your lips
Devoured your kindness
Enjoyed the flavor of your touch
I lived inside your heart

For so long you
Gave so much
Maybe I didn’t give enough
But I’m inherent to you and your
I live you
And oblivious of this you are not
And maybe these feelings are ambiguous
But I’m inherent to you and your

~ BuddahDesmond

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deonte' k said...

Nice poem... I'm glad ur feeling better. ;)