Saturday, July 28, 2007

If I Had My Way

Another month gone by as the summer of 2007 is jockeying for the title of "fastest summer ever". Next thing you know everyone will talking about XMAS shopping. That is the very last thing I want to think about. So what's been going on in Buddah's world? Not a lot and I'm enjoying it that way.... Well, at least for this moment.

After being the dynamic duo at work, my supervisor and I, we are now a team of four. We've welcomed two new team members who are very intelligent, creative, and enthusiastic. I think they'll do very well. We'll be able utilize our resources better and accomplish a great deal more. I'm looking forward to the prospects.

After gallivanting through the streets nights and weekends for the last several months (like a gypsy with no home), I've taken reprieve. This is probably the second weekend in some time where I did absolutely nothing. Isn't nice to chill out for a change? I'm sure all of that will change next month. The calendar is beginning to fill up with engagements. More on that as that in other posts.

I also spent some time at home. My mother has been experiencing a lot of pain lately due to osteo-arthritis in her legs and bone spurs in her lower back. I had to help set up the office so she would be able to work from home. She's loving it and wishes she could work from home until she retires. If you had to deal with the b.s. from the cunts that she works with on a day to day basis you'd prefer to work from home too. She's been working from for about a month now. She experiences some pain every now and then but she doesn't let it stop her. She's always in good spirits. And she's been through a lot. She had her last chemo treatment at the end of April and the cancer is in remission now. She's been a trooper through it all. If there is anyone I can look to for inspiration it's my mother. Because of my mother and the example she's set I know that anything is possible. I'm happy she's still with us.

As for things between DP and I, they are a lot better than they were six weeks ago. We've worked through our issues and we're going to be fine. I didn't want to walk away from what we have and neither did he. We just had to get over ourselves and be honest with each other. Things happen. There's always a reason. Nothing is ever perfect. And this was our latest test (many more to come I'm sure). Of course things would be better if he was here permanently. If I had my way - he would be here. We would physically be together. But anything worth having is worth waiting for. The date of his arrival is set for sometime in November. And the anticipation and excitement continues to build....

And here's to two years of blogging! "On and on. And on and on. My cipher keeps moving like a rolling stone." E. Badu couldn't have said it any better. Until next time.... Be true. Appreciate what you have. Let the blessings flow.


Bjp said...

Wow This is life, it funny that way.
nice blog man. check me out

E said...

Tell me about it. Summer's gone by way too fast. I'm just catching up on your blog but I'm glad to hear your Mom's cancer is in remission. She's definitely a trooper.

I'm glad you and DP are cool. My guy and I go through cycles when we're pissy at each other (in fact had one this morning) but we do manage to find our way back to each other.