Saturday, August 05, 2006

Getting Ready for the DC Takeover!

In just a few days, I'll be on a plane headed back to my beloved DC. I can't wait! Most of my stuff is already on its way home. Just got to pack my bags for the plane and do the last round of trash and cleanup and it's a wrap. I'm very excited. But all of this is kind of surreal. It always seems like everything major in my life happens so fast. I barely have enough time to get acquainted after moving so quickly from one thing to the next. But I'm going into this new phase with a clear, open mind and a positive attitude. I'm sure everything will be fine. And if anything crazy pops up, I'll find a reasonable way to handle.

This move is kind of bittersweet too. Visiting places in the area I would frequent--knowing that this would be the last time (or last visit for awhile) that I would be present. I'm leaving a place that I've spent a significant period of time in. It was an environment that fostered so much knowledge, wisdom, and growth--mentally, physically, socially, and personally. I've met so many great people--many of which who've become very good friends, mentors, and great social contacts. I've had the experience of rising, falling, and rising again. After all that I've endured, I feel like I'm ready to face whatever may come my way. I've certainly come into my own up here in Rochester, NY aka Da ROC.

But Da ROC is also a place that I've despised too.... Any chance I was given to get away, believe me, it was taken without hesitation! The lack of sunlight. Feeling like you're buried under an artic tundra with all of this snow, sleet and freezing rain. The difficulty of finding something of interest to do when you're bored (not a problem in DC). The pain of everything closing so early (definitely not a problem in DC). Poor public transportation system (not to worry about in DC either). All the unnecessary drama and bullshit you have to go thru to get the degrees. Wankstas and fake thugs (this is a problem not limited to Da ROC I know).... Though it's hard to admit, I'll miss this place. Now it's time to start the next phase of life in a familiar city. But the difference will be experiencing it, this time, all on my own.

Hope you've recovered from the serious meltdown that occured this week. It was hotter than a witch's coochie outside. I was out for a little bit and hurried my ass back inside so I could get to the AC! This is not my weather. If the craziness of the weather conditions isn't a sign of things to come then I don't know what is. Oh well, it's 2 in the morning. I need to get ready for my date with the pillow. I've been seriously lacking in the sleep department. With work starting in another week, I have to make sure I get as many hours in as I can (sleeping on the job is not an option).

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Ladynay said...

I couldn't move back to the DC metro unless I absolutely had to! LOL

Hope your weekend is better than mine.