Monday, October 03, 2005

The Limb: A Poem

Must've really slipped off the
cliff this time
I've tripped up before
but never like this
I'm hangin'
out on a limb
The only thing keeping me secure
is this rope and harness
But for how long?
It's only a matter of time
before it all snaps
And my reality will change

Can't keep waiting
Gotta get to safety
But there's no one here to help me
The rescue team is on vacation
I'm here just hangin'
The wind is pickin' up
Looks like another storm
is on the way
And I've realized now that
the only person who can save me
is me
I've got to pull myself up
from this limb
Can't let it all crumble
Everything that consumes my existence
Breaking as soon as it hits
the ground
Can't let it all go to waste

Gotta clean up this mess
of my life that I've created
Gotta stop letting foolishness
and events of the past
hold me back
Gotta pull up
Gotta take hold
regain that unrelenting,
strong grip
on life
Gotta take control of me
and my life again
The dictatorship of the outside world
ain't gonna win anymore
with me
Gonna be unstoppable again
Gonna be unbreakable again
Gonna be me again
Or else be stuck
just hangin'
out on a limb

© 2005 BuddahDesmond

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