Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The Best Thing, My Love

Ok, here's a poem I wrote back in high school (in the 11th grade to be exact). This one always seems to stand out. It's a trip when you go back and read your older works.

The Best Thing, My Love

It’s the
Pulsating rhythms of my heart
You give
The beating of drums of my pulse
I live
It’s the syncopated breaths that I breathe
It’s the ruckus of sound in my ears
You made leave
It’s that music you helped make of me
That 12/8 measure in my eyes
I see
I’m in love

It’s that explicit
Nature of your luscious lips
That carried that lyrical content
To my lips
That continuously rolls
Number one songs
For hour tolls
We sing tastes
Of albums haste
You made me play the piano with
My hands
You strum the guitar
Of my abs
My body is
The bass you play
By plucking or playing with
The bow-like fingers
On your hands
You are the best thing,
My love

© 1998 BuddahDesmond


Clay said...

that is damn good for the 11th grade - very Jewel!

ShawnQt said...

alright for the highschool poem!

Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

I feel like touching myself in the morning...

Waddie G. said...

nice go boy!

~^^~L*C~^^~ said...

Nice work there! I love the short lines - that keeps it flowing. Been awhile since I've stopped by - finally taking a break from my hectic schedule. I can totally relate to digging up old poems from high school. I got a whole notebook full - good idea about posting 'em.