Sunday, September 23, 2012

101 Days Project: Poetry & Prose

I think we're truly blessed to have so many creative ways to express ourselves.  The catharsis that each creative method provides us is invaluable.  Writing has always been a reliable method (one of several) for me to address various situations in my life and the lives of others.  While the subject matter isn't always pleasant, I try to find something positive about it.  And if I can laugh or joke about a situation or event long after it's happened--I call that progress.  During my 101 Days Project, topics for my poetry and prose hav run the gamut--love, sex, heartbreak, freedom, and family (to name a few).  Check out some of my favorites:
  1. Day 94: The Ultimate
  2. Day 85: You've Got It Now (No Excuses)
  3. Day 83: Can't Make You Try
  4. Day 82: Get Over It
  5. Day 68: The Comeback
  6. Day 65: Get Free
  7. Day 64: The Good Ole Days
  8. Day 61: We Need You
  9. Day 46: Without You
  10. Day 45: Whenever The Feeling Comes Along
  11. Day 44: Once Upon A Groove
  12. Day 43: Closure
  13. Day 39: OUT (Written in Honor of National Coming Out Day)
  14. Day 12: Poetry Spotlight - Not Anymore
  15. Day 11: Poetry Spotlight - Ain't Worth It

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