Monday, April 14, 2008

Lost In You

An unknown
A stranger
A new being
that I didn't recognize
something you wished you'd left on the shelf
instead of bringing home with you
This foreigner came in and
changed everything
What I used to be
What I used to do
was usurped
The old me became this new being
And I thought nothing of it in the
I made excuses for you and your
behavior, the things you said, and
the things you did
It was okay
I thought it was me
I was so lost in you
that I lost me

I eventually saw you, me, us
the situation for all that it
was worth (and not worth)
And I, eventually, grew
I was exhausted from giving so much
And nothing being rightfully reciprocated
I was disgusted
Because I bent over backwards
Was hanging out on a limb
Living on the edge
And it seemed you didn't appreciate it
So the good thoughts began to lessen
I dreaded your calls
I was disgusted with you
But I was more so disgusted
with myself for allowing
this to fester
I was so lost in you
That I forgot who I was

So I had to reclaim what
was rightfully mine
to get back to me
I had to let go
I had to embark on a new personal
to find me again
I had to end it with you
So that I could
start anew with me

~ BuddahDesmond

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