Thursday, February 14, 2008


They’re up politricking on the hill,
Taking lobbyists’ dollar bills,
Claiming they keep it real,
When they can’t give us something we can feel.

They make promises they can’t keep,
Forgetting that what they sow, they will reap,
Lyin’ to themselves and others to get a seat,
But when it all falls down the incumbent will get beat.

Your approach is haughty and self-righteous.
You come off cocky, act like you’re the second coming of the Messiah.
So sad—people caught on to bullshit,
Discovered you were only looking out for personal interests.

You’ve got it bad and that ain’t good,
Got the nerve to say you were misunderstood.
You give politics and government a bad name.
Liars, thieves, cheaters, adulterers, and politicians—
People will say they’re all the same.

You’re oblivious to the people you represent;
You act like this is a game when it’s a commitment.
You constantly cut and run and confuse the masses with doublespeak,
While your quest to save moral values has only divided and made us weak.

The time has come,
And the people see you for what you are.
They’re ashamed they let you get this far,
But when the time comes they know exactly what to do:
Find the next best thing and get rid of you.

© 2012 BuddahDesmond


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D.LavarJames said...

Love this!