Sunday, December 23, 2007

Simply Wondering

Lately I find
You coming across my mind
More often than I’d care to say
It’s been some time
Since we’d last seen or spoken to each other
So it should be okay
If I care or wonder how you are

For a short, but significant moment in my life
You were the one
It was a love we shared
That I’d never experienced
Or could compare to anything before or after
I’d found happiness
In a new and exciting way
I’d found another way to spend my time
Without worry or apprehension
I didn’t mind making
Time for you

So when our lives shifted us into other directions
I was saddened
Deeply hurt
But I knew it was best
For both of us
We had to move forward
We ended on good terms
But since that time
We lost touch
And I was simply wondering
How you were
What you’ve been up to
And if I could still call you a friend

Though I may not be in love with you
Forever, I’ll love you

~ BuddahDesmond

Happy holidays! Be safe. Enjoy!

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1 comment:

Frederick Smith said...

Awww. Very sweet. The holidays tend to make me nostalgic for loves and days gone by!