Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Something Very Close to Home

Well, here's a poem that I wrote last week....It hits very close to home (especially in regards to some of the family drama that occurred this summer). It's entitled:

It's Obvious

It's obvious that you're hurting
And that you're in need of support
Or else you wouldn't be here today
It's obvious that something's been
going on for longer than the story you've told
The half-truths and lies that you forgot you told--that we caught you telling--gave it all away

It's obvious that we've always been there
Whether you were cognizant of it or not
You however weren't always receptive
The door was completely ajar
We never excluded you
--You on the other hand did the complete opposite
in regards to everyone else

It's obvious that if we didn't love you--that if we didn't care--that if we didn't support you
You would not have set foot across this threshold
We would not acknowledge each other's presence let alone
give a shit about each other's well-being

It's oh so obvious
If we wanted you out
we wouldn't have had any second thoughts of putting the x on your spot
We wouldn't be here trying to intervene
And get you the help that you need
Your actions recently have raised eyebrows and strengthened concerns
For crying out loud you were
M.I.A.--We had to request an investigator to try to find out where you were
And you're going to come over here and scream
and blaspheme and raise hell
Because you're not getting the so called support you want

Well, get this
It's obvious
oh so obvious
That the support and love we're giving
may not be what you want
But it's the support and love
that you need

© 2005 BuddahDesmond

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Dubbed As Trent Jackson said...

Cognizant, such a great word. I like this piece because it is a page out of everyone’s life whether we were telling it to someone else or we were hearing it from someone else. Thank you for capturing life as it is and as it will always be.